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Ordering, Design and Installation

Need help with a takeoff or placing an order?
It is important we know the following to ensure you get the product you need the first time:

  • Is this a state or non-state job (state-tested inventory cannot be shipped non-state jobs).

  • If it is a state job, what is the project information?

  • How many runs are there?

  • Is the rail blocked out?

  • Do you need radiused rail? How many curves? Length? Radius of each?

  • Steel or timber posts?

  • Are there low-fill culverts that will require base-plated posts? How thick is the culvert "top"?

  • What end treatments do you need? TAS?, FEW?, SGT Type I, II, or III?

  • To what type of concrete railing are we attaching the transitions?

Concave: Bowing away from the traffic lane

Convex: Bowing towards the traffic lane

To find the Radius for a curved rail:

  • Step 1: Starting at the last post in the straight run (point A), lay 
    cloth tape along the path that the curved guide rail will follow.

  • Step 2: Mark-off two points along the curved cloth tape: one at 6'-3", (point B) and the second at 12'-6" (point C).

  • Step 3: Pull string directly from starting point (point A) to the second mark-off point (point C).

  • Step 4: Measure from the first marked-off point (point B) over to the mid-point of the taut string. this measurement (D) is the rise or "middle ordinate."

  • Step 5: Check the chart to find the Radius (R), given the Rise (D).

  • Example: a Rise of 3 7/8" inches would result in a Radius of 60 feet.


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