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ATSSA offers extensive guardrail installation and longitudinal barrier system training:

  • Guardrail Installation Training.  A comprehensive overview of what is involved prior to, during and after the installation of guardrail

  • Order the webinar CD of this training

    • CD1 Standard Guardrail Installation: A How To

    • CD2 Guardrail Installation Training- Part II Inspection & Maintenance

    • CD3 Guardrail Installation-Part 3 - Understanding Barrier Removal and Common Safety Errors

  • Longitudinal Barrier Training.  Selection and application of longitudinal barriers.

  • ATSSA has developed a Guardrail Installation ChecklistOrder here.


You can join ATSSA and be a part of their vital Guardrail Services Division.

FHWA RT-90-001 W-Beam Guardrail Repair and Maintenance soon to be updated by NCHRP Project 22-23Criteria for Restoration of Longitudinal Barriers

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