Elliptisafe is an elliptical bridge rail being used on bridges and highways across the country. Elliptisafe is GSI's elliptical bridge rail manufactured by Tex-Tube Elliptical Tube. We supply fabricators raw tube and splices or can produce the final product per job specifications.

Although bridge rail constitutes only 2 to 5 percent of the total cost of a bridge, it is of incalculable value to the citizens for whom the bridge is built. No matter how magnificent the bridge design, a visually-appealing railing will impact public acceptance. That is why an elliptical bridge rail is the choice of an ever increasing number of bridge engineers across the nation.

With over 40 years of highway use, elliptical bridge railing is still the right choice on today's bridges. Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, and other are currently using elliptical tube in NCHRP 350 Test Level 3 (TL3), Test Level 4(TL4), and Test Level 5 (TL5) bridge rail applications. Although having other advantages, the primary motivation behind this use is that elliptical rail provides an open and aesthetically pleasing bridge rail… it simply looks good!


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  • Aesthetically pleasing and open feel. Has been used on several signature bridges.

  • Strength of 6" pipe with the visual impact of 4" pipe

  • 5LX-52 has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than standard pipe thus increased cost savings

  • Elliptical shape is stronger in the x-direction than comparable 6” round

  • Mill-rolled to its final shape thus negating the cost of secondary "squashing" operation

  • Mill-rolled mating splice tube also available

  • Mill-rolled elliptical rail offers superior consistency and unsurpassed mating splice tube fit

  • Radii to 16 feet

  • Cost effective retrofit for older concrete bridge railing

GSI’s Tex-Tube elliptical bridge rail is truly the best source for your state’s elliptical bridge rail needs. Please contact us with any questions or for a quote on your railing or bollard project.

Installation Map

See installation of elliptical railing around the country with our custom Google Map.


1. TxDOT T401 Concrete Parapet w/Stl Post and Rail (33” tall) (TL-3)​​

2.TxDOT T402 - Concrete Parapet w/Stl Post and Rail (42” tall) (TL-3)​

3. TxDOT C402 - T402 w/Steel Pipe Rail (42” tall) (TL-3)​

4. TxDOT HT Heavy Truck Traffic Rail (50” tall)​​

5. PennDOT HT Bridge Barrier (TL-5)

6. FDOT C402 - Special Project, Standard Pending (TL-3)​

7. FDOT HT Retrofit - Special Project Pending (TL-4)​

8. Maryland HT Rail (TL-5)


TL3 Elliptical Bridge Rail Projects

C4(s) Painted Elliptical Bridge Rail
Austin, Texas
SH620 at Parmer Ln
TxDOT T4 Elliptial Bridge Rail
The Woodland, Texas
Northshore Park
Specialty Elliptical Rail
Houston, Texas
The Woodlands Mall
TxDOT T4(S)(Mod) Bridge Railing
Addison, Texas
Arapaho Road Bridge
FDOT C402 Bridge Railing
Preserve Golf Course
Plantation, Florida
TxDOT T4 Bridge Railing
Wichita Falls, TX
Contractor: Zachry
TxDOT C4(S) Bridge Railing
US-183 & Brushy Creek, Cedar Park , TX
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TL4 Elliptical Bridge Rail Projects

Brevard County, Florida 

TL5 Elliptical Bridge Rail Projects

TxDOT HT Elliptical Bridge Railing
Houston, Texas
Beltway 8 / IH 10
TxDOT HT Elliptical Bridge Railing
Baytown/La Porte, Texas
Fred Hartman Bridge
Maryland HT Elliptical Bridge Rails
Oxin Hill, MD
Woodrow Wilson Bridge
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Map of Rail Installations


This is a custom Google Map made of installation of bridge rail fabricated around the U.S.

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