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Guardrail & End Treatments

GSI is a TxDOT-approved warehouse for guardrail and posts. We also sell guardrail to many other states around the country, offering competitive pricing with LTL and/or truckload quantities.


Bridge Rail

All types of steel and traffic and combination bridge railings, along with hand and pedestrian railings, meeting numerous city, county, and TxDOT specifications. GSI custom fabricates bridge and hand railing. GSI is exclusive distributor of Tex-Tube elliptical bridge railing.

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Crash Cushions

Exclusive Texas distributor Absorb 350, ArmorGuard Gate Longitudinal Barrier, ArmorZone Portable Water-Filled Plastic Barrier,  Orion Portable Steel Longitudinal Barrier, Raptor Pole and Tree Attenuator, TAU-II, TAU-II-R, X-Tension Median Attenuator, X-TENuator.


Traffic Safety

GSI is a Texas distributor for PEXCO approved traffic control products. Barricade Products, Bollards & Channelizer Posts, Guardrail Reflectors, Pavement Markers, Roadside Delineator Posts, Specialty Reflectors See the full line on the PEXCO brochure.


Elliptisafe Railing

Elliptisafe is an elliptical bridge rail being used on bridges and highways across the country. Elliptisafe is GSI's elliptical bridge rail manufactured by Tex-Tube Elliptical Tube. We supply fabricators raw tube and splices or can produce the final product per job specifications.



Specialty bridge and handrail, along with

Bridge Protection Angles, Concrete Barrier Hardware (Including Easi-Set J-J Hooks™), Deck Drains, Ornamental Appurtenances, Wide-Flange Terminal Anchor Beams

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GSI carries Work Area Protection (WAP) Arrow and Message Boards. TxDOT approved and meets all the requirements of the MUTCD, while offering unparalleled ease of maintenance and programming. Multiple models and many options.


Silicoflex SEJ

The Silicoflex Joint Sealing System was developed as a direct response to bridge owners asking for a higher quality, longer lasting, more universal joint sealing system. Silicoflex is used in both new construction with an armoring system or without. 



BLADE, the long-awaited new Truck Mounted Attenuator. Full-scale crash tested according to the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) that supersedes the 20-year-old NCHRP-350.

GSI carries TTMA-100 and U-MAD TMA.


GSI Highway Products is a producer and supplier of steel bridge rails, pedestrian rails, handrails, highway guardrails, miscellaneous fabricated steel, and trailer truck mounted attenuators to the highway, bridge, and utility construction markets.


GSI has a large inventory of highway guardrailsend treatmentsbarriers, many more road safety products. Look at our past projects page to see more of what GSI is capable of. GSI makes sure your highway project is done with excellence. From accurate pre-bid takeoffs to careful loading of the finished product, you can count on the people of GSI Highway Products to service your project requirements.

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We accept applications for cleaners and welders year round. We also occasionally hire for shipping and receiving, sales, detailers, production support and accounting personnel. See Contact page for more information.

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GSI is a leading producer and supplier of steel bridge rails, pedestrian rails, handrails, highway guardrail, traffic safety products, traffic control products, and attenuators to the highway, bridge, and utility construction markets.

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