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GSI is the exclusive Texas distributor of three NCHRP 350 approved temporary barriers from Barrier Systems, Inc . These are all FHWA accepted and available for TL-2 and TL-3 applications.


The ArmorGuard Steel Barrier is an NCHRP 350 approved TL-2 and TL-3 moveable barrier designed for short duration work zones. The ArmorGuard provides the best in portability while maintaining positive barrier protection.


The ease of opening and positioning the system makes it ideal for fast, short-term jobs requiring rapid deployment of the system. There are no expensive electrical power supplies, sophisticated control systems, or heavy equipment needed to load and unload the barrier.

ArmorGuard Steel Barrier

Product Features:

  • Fast and Easy deployment of the system

  • Flexibility - moveable laterally by hand with a forklift or front loader or with pick-up truck

  • Moveable longitudinally or laterally, aiding in optimizing workspace and traffic flow

  • No special equipment required at the work site

  • No electrical/control systems required to operate

  • Wheel activation available through the pneumatic option

  • Protects road surface during moves by utilzing rubber pads and wheels

Barrier Specifications

  • Classification - Longitudinal Barrier

  • Length - 8 m / 26’

  • Width - 710 mm / 28”

  • Height - 840 mm / 33”

  • Unanchored TL-3 Deflection - 1.9 m / 76”

  • Test Level - NCHRP 350 TL 2 / 3


The ArmorZone portable water-filled plastic barrier meets the stringent MASH TL-2 testing criteria. It's stabilized HD polyethylene architecture keeps the system at an economical price, and it's patented "dual pin" design provides superior deflection when compared with other portable water filled barriers.


Lightweight design, easy to transport, and easy deployment make the ArmorZone an ideal portable barrier solution. If an end treatment is needed, the ArmorZone can easily be used as its own redirective gating end treatment with the optional AZET Kit.


Product Features:

  • Each module weighs only 128 lbs - easily transported and deployed

  • Only 17 inches wide - ideal solution for narrow medians in construction zones

  • Save time and money on shipping - 45 modules fit into one standard truck bed

  • Use in curves with a radius as low as 92 feet

  • Stabilized HDPE modules are strong enough to absorb small nuisance impacts without repair needed

  • Deploy at 120 mph

  • Water fill level indicator available

Armorzone Portable Water Filled Barrier Specifications

  • Classification - PWFS

  • Module Length - 2 m / 79”

  • Width - 450 mm / 18”

  • Height - 860 mm / 34”

  • Module Weight Empty - 58 kg / 128 lb.

  • Test Level - Mash TL-2



Utilizing standard w-beam and thrie-beam guardrail components, the Orion Portable Steel Barrier provides superior performance at a low price.


An NCHRP-350 approved TL-3 device, the ORION is lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to repair.


The ORION Portable Steel Barrier has an optional contractor kit for experienced guardrail contractors. This kit provides everything you need except the standard guardrail components, giving you the option to use the guardrail stocked in your yard. Of course, GSI is a TxDOT approved highway guardrail supplier offering competitive pricing on everything guardrail related, and will provide the full barrier in one complete package at your request.


Product Features:

  • Repair parts are off the shelf - making them inexpensive and easily accessible

  • Connects directly to the Absorb 350 Crash Cushion.

  • Allows for radius as low as 355 m

  • Only 19 inches wide making it ideal for narrow median in construction zones

  • 6' NCHRP 350 TL-3 direction

  • Low deflection, "fully pinned" option available​

Orion Portable Steel Barrier Specifications

  • Classification - Longitudinal Barrier

  • Section Length - 11.8 m / 38’ 8”

  • Width - 460 mm / 18”

  • Height - 870 mm / 34”

  • Permanent TL-3 Deflection* - 950 mm / 37”

  • Test Level - NCHRP 350 TL-3 *950 mm permanent deflection can be achieved by anchoring each section to create an Orion Minimal Deflection System. Standard deflection is 1850 mm when only the first and last sections are anchored.


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