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Versatile, Low-Maintenace &

Long-Lasting Outdoor Solar Lighting

Today's roadways have more safety devices than at any other time in history. However, even with these devices, there are more fatalities than ever. Overhead lighting, pavement markings, and chevron signs are all great ways to enhance rural road safety, but there are now even more innovative and effective ways to enhance drivers' safety, experience and reaction time: SolaRight's wireless lighting products, models YHDD1 and YHYS.
Made from the high-quality materials and using SolaRight’s POWRtech technology, these Internally Illuminated Recessed/Raised Pavement Markers are designed to save lives for many years to come with little to no maintenance.


Dark roadways account for a large percentage of accidents and fatalities. Coupled with less-than-ideal conditions, it can be a recipe for disaster. Narrow bridges, two-lane roads, four-lane transitions to two-lane roads and interchange gores are all examples of problem areas on darkened roads that can benefit from SolaRight'sIIRPMs.

 SolaRight's Internally Illuminated Raised and Recessed Pavement Markers (IIRPMs) are ideal on darkened roadways because they:

  • Require no wiring or electricity- powered by the sun

  • Work well not only for night driving, but overcast, rain, fog and other adverse weather conditions

  • Act as an additional alert for drivers without being distracting

  • Work well for traffic channelization and as a traffic calming device

  • Offer visibility up to ½ mile away

  • Help delineate lane geometry and curvature of the road

  • Aid drivers in seeing unexpected road hazards and

  • Can be more practical than overhead lighting. 

Because some drivers are not acquainted with the roads, it’s very important to place the lights carefully. Traffic engineers and the SolaRight professionals can help you determine proper road placement.

Some of the more common uses of our products on darkened roads include:

  • Curved roads

  • Preview upcoming obstructions

  • Illuminate Stop Signs or other traffic signs and STOP Lines

  • Narrow bridges

  • Four-Lane Transitions to Two-Lane

  • Two-Lane Roadways

  • Dangerous intersections and

  • Areas that are hazardous in dark or inclement weather.

Run-Off-Road Crashes are
Not Uncommon on Curved,
Darkened Roads

Exampleof  SolaRight products, Solarights stop sign lights, Solarights deliniators.

About 75 percent of all fatal crashes occur in rural areas, and more than 70 percent are on two-lane secondary highways, many of which are local roads.

Although accidents can occur anywhere, darkened roads are even more dangerous. When curves are combined with inclement weather, these roads can be extremely hazardous. These conditions, coupled with a driver who may be unfamiliar with the road, can be disastrous. SolaRight's Internally Illuminated Recessed and Raised Pavement Markers (IIRPMs) work in conjunction to help show the geometry of the road and aid in safe stopping distance while not distracting the driver.

featured product

For recessed, in-road lighting solutions, SolaRight offers its YHDD1 IIRPM. Installation is quick and because the product is solar, there is no wiring required. These lights are ideal for pointing out dangerous curves and upcoming intersections, especially on a darkened road.


For lighting guardrails, narrow bridges, Jersey Barriers and other prominent aboveground road hazards, SolaRight offers its YHYS IIRPM. The YHYS IIRPM can also be conveniently mounted to road signs with our convenient Uni-Brac™. The Uni-Brac allows mounting on signage to help call attention to signs or other traffic devices.


Both lights are available in multiple colors and are uni-or-bi-directional.

SolaRight YHDD1

Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Marker (IIRPM)

SolaRight is the originator and patent holder of the Solar Road Marker. The best and original roadway Internally Illuminated Recessed Pavement Markers (IIRPM) lights in the business, SolaRight's YHDD1 IIRPM offers years of reliable, cost-effective roadway safety. Made of virtually indestructible cast aluminum, the YHDD1 IIRPM is IP-68 rated and fabricated to withstand heavy vehicles and even snowplows. Ideal for curves, long-range delineation and aiding in stopping sight distance, installation is simple- a hole and epoxy ensure maintenance-free, grid-independent service.

Because of SolaRight's POWRtech technology, there are no wires to install, no batteries to replace and virtually no maintenance required over the 10+ year life of the products.

The YHDD1 (IIRPM) works well for:

  • Rural roads

  • Curved roads

  • Lane delineation

  • STOP Lines & STOP Bars

  • Visibility in inclement weather and

  • Help reduce run-off-road crashes.

SIZE: 5.5" x 5.83" / HEIGHT 1.97" / WEIGHT 2.0 LBS.

SolaRight YHDD1

SolaRight YHYS

SolaRight YHYS

SIZE: 4.33"x 3.54"/ HEIGHT 1.18" / WEIGHT 0.86 LBS.

SolaRight is the originator and patent holder of the Solar Road Marker. SolaRight’s YHYS (IIRPM) is one of its most versatile lights. Designed to work well on jersey barriers, curb tops and bullnoses, the YHYS IIRPM also works in many other capacities. SolaRight's YHYS IIRPM is an excellent product to better illuminate your road structures and safety signs and help with lane channelization. The YHYS IIRPM utilizes POWRtechtechnology, installs quickly and provides years of maintenance-free service.

The YHYS IIRPM works well for lighting:

  • Jersey barriers

  • Curb Tops

  • Safety Signs

  • Guardrails

  • Aid driving in adverse weather conditions and

  • All-Weather Elevated Curb and Lane Delineation.

Raised Pavement Markers (Internally IlluminatedIIRPMs)


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